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In Like a Lion . . .

March roared in this year.  February ended on a beautiful Saturday—blue skies, sparkling snow, crystal icicles, a day that made me think that winter was over in spite of the mounds of snow.   Sunday brought another storm– cold winds, more … Continue reading

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Does this bruise make me look fat?

Tuesday morning was bleak.  The sun was supposed to be up when I opened the door from the kitchen to the deck to let the dogs out but I couldn’t see it.  The world was gray and cold—19 degrees.  It … Continue reading

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The Ice Obsession

From the title, one would hope that my newest fascination would be with diamonds—diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond rings. But that’s so not me. I wore a plain gold band for the first twenty years of my marriage. Then my … Continue reading

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A Beach Somewhere

After I posted my last blog about my identity crisis, I sat watching the snow blanket my world. I put on my boots and my parka, whistled for the dogs and went for a walk up my driveway. Snowflakes melted … Continue reading

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And May All Your Christmases be . . .Sunny!

Our first Christmas in Connecticut was white.  Christmas morning a light snow was falling as we opened gifts.  It was just like being in a Christmas movie, cheerful adults opening gifts, happy baby ripping up wrapping paper, snow falling so … Continue reading

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In April, three weeks after we moved into our Connecticut house, gray squirrels appeared, boldly crossing the lawn and playing pickup games on the basketball court.  Outraged by the invasion, the female pointer would race from window to window, woofing … Continue reading

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