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Sunshine Pills

It’s spring. Bulbs are popping up. I have crocuses in my yard. As I drive through town, I see brilliant bushes of wisteria, flowering dogwood and daffodils. Robins hop on my lawn. Cardinals flitter in the tree branches. The world … Continue reading

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To run or not to run . . .

While I was slogging around Spring Lake, the pond at Fisher Meadows, on Wednesday, I heard a runner coming up behind me.  I pulled my three dogs closer to the side of the trail so he could pass.  A man about the same … Continue reading

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The Joy of Seasons

Yesterday I took four of the dogs for a jog at Fisher Meadows.  I hadn’t been doing much running lately.  Using my trip to California, the flu, my mother-in-law’s visit, Hurricane Sandy and the snowy Nor’easter as excuses, I managed … Continue reading

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Tranquility and the Sport of Running

Running along the narrow path between the trees along the river, I feel something spiritual yet primitive.  These are feelings that I cannot accurately label.  I feel my feet hit the path; I hear the leaves moving as the dogs … Continue reading

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