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Saying Good Bye

Today the wind howls madly outside the house, hurling snow from trees, sending clouds of fine powder across the yard.  I watch the trees sway in dance, waiting for one to lose its balance.  This is not the peaceful snow … Continue reading

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The Getting Ready for Winter Workout

I have Lucinda William’s song, “Car Wheels on a Gravel Road” stuck in my head (and if you have to have a song stuck in your head, anything by Lucinda Williams is enjoyable). Why is this song looping over and … Continue reading

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  The week before Thanksgiving, I was in a HomeGoods store, pushing my grandson in a cart, looking for a roast pan small enough to fit my mini-oven, when a woman approached me and said:  “You are so lucky.”   A … Continue reading

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Tooth and Claw

Lately Alfred Lord Tennyson’s line “Nature, red in tooth and claw” (“In Memoriam A. H. H.”, Canto 56, line 15) keeps popping into my head.   Wild animals lurk in trees surrounding our lot, but this is not unique.  Even in … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air!

This morning I sat in front of the fireplace in the living room; the two oldest dogs, with matching surgical scars on their right legs, lay at my feet. Outside the temperature was 24 degrees. The sky was overcast. The … Continue reading

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Morning Light

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, the light at sunrise was intensely beautiful. I was so taken with the light, I grabbed my camera before heading out with the dogs. It had snowed during the night, not much, just a … Continue reading

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After Nemo

Today the world is blanketed in white. Yesterday and early this morning, we were buried in slightly more than two feet of snow, thanks to the winter storm, Nemo. All the contours of my yard have been erased. All that … Continue reading

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