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To run or not to run . . .

While I was slogging around Spring Lake, the pond at Fisher Meadows, on Wednesday, I heard a runner coming up behind me.  I pulled my three dogs closer to the side of the trail so he could pass.  A man about the same … Continue reading

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Morning Reflections

This morning snow is falling.  Already the pine trees look like a Christmas card.  Most of my adult experiences with snow have been at ski resorts.  The snow is there before I am.  So I am still surprised at how … Continue reading

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We learned the story of the first Thanksgiving at Plymouth colony in Massachusetts in grade school.  We played at being Native Americans and pilgrims, sharing pumpkin shaped cookies and coloring turkeys.  We were too young to remember the moral of … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Sinks

A few days ago, I popped into a big box beauty supply stores, one of the ones that offer many of the same products found in department stores but without the service (or the temptation to shop for clothes, purses … Continue reading

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The Joy of Seasons

Yesterday I took four of the dogs for a jog at Fisher Meadows.  I hadn’t been doing much running lately.  Using my trip to California, the flu, my mother-in-law’s visit, Hurricane Sandy and the snowy Nor’easter as excuses, I managed … Continue reading

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Remembering Those Who Served

In 1918, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, an armistice went into effect for the Great War, the first step to end “The war to end all wars.”  In 1919, the United States began … Continue reading

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Snow Dogs!

My dogs are all native Californians.  Every single one of them was born in the Golden State.  Princess did live in Texas for a year; but she doesn’t do well with thunderstorms so we suspect that was a factor in … Continue reading

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